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Meet Leo!

We are excited to feature one of our Lead Cinematographers who also happens to be our Director of Video Productions!  Leo Gonzalez lives here in Houston, TX with his wife Amanda and sweet baby girl, Maya.  I got the chance to sit down with him for a bit and ask him to share some advice that he has learned through the years.  Here’s what he said…

What inspired you to become a cinematographer?

“I love telling a great story! Before I fully dove into cinematography, I could easily tell the difference between simply capturing a day and actually telling a story. There is a special kind of joy when I have the opportunity of using my skills to present my couple’s unique story through my lens.”

What’s the number one reason a couple should hire a cinematographer?

“Film is a unique form of art which can’t be experienced through any other medium. Right before walking down the aisle, film can capture the deep breath taken by the proud father. This moment is gone an instant and tells such a deep story. These small moments are the reasons to have a talented cinematographer. They are memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.”

How do you coach a camera-shy couple?

“We never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable in front of the camera!  If I notice that a couple is feeling nervous, I encourage them to either talk to each other or about each other.  I love to ask about their honeymoon plans, because the couple will instantly forget about nerves and the camera and me and relax while talking about their future plans.”

What makes an unforgettable film?

“You!  Your personality, your style, and your candidness.  When I am filming a wedding, I want to just capture the little nuances that are unique to you.  In the end, that’s what makes a great story, and a great film.”

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