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Finding a photographer to capture your wedding is perhaps the most daunting task. At least with videographers, you have a smaller list to go through and it’s a lot easier to separate the good from the bad. But with photographers, everyone and their mother are considering themselves “professional” photographers. But is that really true? Can you ACTUALLY trust them to not only capture your day but do it just like you saw on Pinterest? The list gets incredibly small as you start crossing names off the list of people you trust to do a good job. So what we’ve done is take all the photographers we work with every weekend and narrow it down to just a few that we can honestly recommend without hesitation. Hopefully this helps you as you make your final decisions and don’t forget to book your wedding videographer too!

#1. Daniel Colvin

Daniel takes great joy in helping couples to see what they feel. Being able to capture the excitement of an engaged couple, the beauty of a bride, and the emotion of a wedding day is a complete blast for him. It’s his goal to catch feeling and life in his clients’ images while creating uniquely personal art that they can enjoy for years to come.

Booking with Daniel was hands down the easiest and BEST decision we made during this whole wedding process. I am a bride on a budget, and he worked with that budget with no questions, went into my chaotic timeline like a champ and had a blast with us! So with that said, I’d first like to say he is so FUN to work with! He makes you feel relaxed, helps you with poses without you looking incredibly cheesy or awkward, he manages to capture who YOU really are! (My husband, bridesmaids and groomsmen LOVED him) He’s a story teller. When we got our pictures back, I am not kidding when I said my jaw dropped and was flooded with every good emotion. Every time we look back at the photos, it feels like were reliving the day all over again! THANK YOU for creating memories that will last a lifetime. We are so grateful for all you did for us! – MELISSA D.

#2. Chase Pedigo

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Chase on numerous occasions and not only is he dedicated to excellence but he is a true craftsman and able to manage a wedding day well while still producing the highest quality you could ever dream of for your wedding day!

“Thank you for being such a wonderful photographer and for capturing all of our moments from our wedding day! We really appreciate everything you did to help make it all happen!”Hannah & Peter

#3. Kelli Durham

The most important thing about choosing a photographer is that you enjoy who you’re working with. There can’t be anything more awkward and personal than a photo shoot. So what Kelli does is she makes it a fun and absolutely enjoyable experience. Her passion for her craft and love for weddings puts her top on our list because you can always trust her to be focussed on capturing your day the best way possible!

“Kelli is BEYOND amazing to work with. She has a real gift for capturing the magic in every moment and making you look and feel beautiful the entire time! From our engagement photos to our wedding day, we could not have asked for a better photographer or friend. We are so thankful to have her in our lives and such gorgeous pictures to look back upon!” – Allison Schaffer