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Wedding bouquets add a personal and elegant touch to a wedding. Before you say “I Do” to your dream florals, here are the different types of wedding bouquets you can look into for your special day! Here are some of our favorite styles we love seeing in our wedding films!


Round bouquets are the most popular bouquets. These bouquets are traditional and classic, giving the bride an elegant and sophisticated feel. Round blooms usually have more flowers than the other blooms and are extremely versatile. A round bouquet can be dressed up or down depending on the blooms used and compliments any bride!

Round Bouquet


Pageant bouquets are a modern alternative to the round bouquets. These bouquets are usually longer stem flowers that the bride will carry in her arms instead of in her hands. These bouquets are usually non-symmetrical, and bring a dramatic, modern look to the bridal party. Pageant bouquets look the best with elegant, flowy dresses.

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Cascade bouquets are unique in that this bouquet works with almost any floral choice! Cascade flowers cascade down as the bride holds the bouquet and bring a vibrant, boho vibe to the overall bridal look.

Cascade Bouquet


These type of bouquets are shaped in a ball that is held by a loop of either silk, ribbon, or string. These bouquets bring a youthful and playful atmosphere to the bridal look and work well with flowy, youthful dresses. Usually pomander bouquets are what flower girls hold as they walk down the aisle in place of a basket of petals, but more and more brides are turning to the pomander bouquet for their special day!

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Composite bouquets are usually smaller than all of the other bouquets and can incorporate a wide variety of floral types. Composite bouquets usually use a series of petals or blooms that end up looking like one big flower. This is perfect for a minimalist wedding and gives a modern look and feel to any bridal party!

Composite Bouquet


Contemporary bouquets include trends like succulent bouquets, single stem flowers, and anything else that strays from traditional floral bouquets! We are loving all of the creative, unconventional wedding bouquets we have been seeing lately — especially the succulent bouquets that look absolutely stunning on film!

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