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Can I add Ceremony Livestream to my wedding film package?

Technically yes. However, there are a few considerations that need to be made prior to adding live stream coverage to your package. 

      1. Availability: Professional livestream cinematographers are hard to come by, so our team is limited in regards to who we may have available.
      2. Internet: This is the hardest thing to check but is crucial to the success of our team to stream your big day. We need access to the internet from the venue and we also need to verify that the internet is going to be fast enough to complete a video stream. The slower the internet, the lower the quality of the video stream. The venue can check their internet speed by running a quick speed test via In order for us to stream a 1080p or high definition video to your online guests, we need an internet upload speed of at least 20mbps. Anything between 10mbps-20mbps will allow our team to have a successful live stream but to be honest, it may look a little fuzzy. This is largely due to the bandwidth downgrading our footage from 1080p to 720p.
  • Power: The last thing to check with the venue is to make sure that we have access to a power outlet in order to power our live stream equipment. Due to the nature of streaming video live, our software and equipment will indeed drain a lot more power than normal. We will bring extension cords and surge protectors of course, but we will need access to ensure our computers don’t go to sleep while we are in the middle of streaming your ceremony.

I’ve booked a livestream videographer–what is next?

After adding live stream coverage to your package, your dedicated wedding films coordinator will follow up with an email that includes a link for you to share with all of your guests. You can share this Vimeo link through text, email, or any other form of communication. Our team will go live with this Vimeo link about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your ceremony so that guests can become more immersed into your wedding ceremony experience.

What is included in the Ceremony Livestream Coverage?

A trained live stream cinematographer will arrive about an 1.5 hours prior to your ceremony start time. During this time of preparation, the cinematographer will be setting up tripod(s), camera(s), audio equipment, computer(s), cable(s), etc. After set up, we will be testing things to ensure that we are streaming the best quality video and audio. Once everything is a go, we will go live with the stream around 15 minutes prior to the ceremony start time.

Will the livestream videographer obstruct my photography/videography teams?

No. Your wedding film cinematographer(s) work with our live stream cinematographer(s) quite often, so there is a good working relationship within our team. All of our cinematographers have been trained to be respectable and professional in regards to working with your photographer and any other vendors on your wedding day. Your live stream cinematographer will set up their equipment in a place that is not in the way of your photographer(s) or wedding film cinematographer(s).

Can you livestream both indoor and outdoor ceremonies?

Yes, but internet speeds do play a factor on the quality of the footage we can send out to guests. If the ceremony site is outdoors, or is far from the wifi router, the speed of the internet is going to be decreased. The venue may tell you that they have fast internet (+20mbps upload) inside, but when we go outside to film your outdoor ceremony, the reality of the internet speed may be closer to 8mbps, which will definitely play an impact on the quality of footage that your online guests see. We highly recommend asking someone to check the wifi internet speed at the ceremony location site, prior to booking so that we have an accurate internet reading and can set your expectations properly.

Can some of the cocktail hour be livestreamed?

Unfortunately no; our livestream cinematographer will only be there to film your wedding ceremony.

Can we send a virtual message to our online viewers before the livestream videographer leaves?

Sure thing! Our team will not begin disassembling their set up until 10 minutes after the ceremony ends. If you would like to tell your guests thank you for watching, please let your wedding film coordinator know so that our team is aware.