The proposal is the first pivotal step in spending forever together. If you are like most and the thought of proposing is a scary thought, you might want to look for help to not only calm those nerves but to make sure your proposal is everything you dreamed it would be— and that it is captured forever. That’s why we’ve interviewed The Heart Bandits, a company that specializes in coordinating wedding proposals and easing that pre-proposal stress!

Co-owner of The Heart Bandits, Michele Velazquez, started the company in October of 2010 and has loved every moment of it! Check out our full interview below!

What services do The Heart Bandits provide?

We offer 3 different services. We offer custom proposal ideas where we send the client a questionnaire and get to know details about him, his partner, and their relationship. With that information we create several unique and personalized proposals for them to choose from. We offer custom proposal planning where we take the idea and bring it to life using our expertise and top notch vendors. Finally, we also create pre-packaged proposals for people that don’t have the time or budget for custom proposal planning!

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What makes The Heart Bandits unique in the wedding industry?

We are proud to say that we are one of the first proposal planning companies to ever start in the world and we helped create an entirely new industry. We are a male and female, husband and wife team with over 16 years of event planning experience. The fact that we are not only married and know how to keep romance alive, but we are the only male and female team to offer full service proposal planning gives a perspective no other company can offer.

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What is the most unique proposal you have planned?

We have planned thousands so it is hard to say.  I really enjoyed one proposal where we got to bring Paris to New York by having a 9 foot Eiffel Tower built of roses and greenery, a macaroon tower, faux Parisian cafe, and an accordion player brought in.  I also loved working with NFL athlete George Iloka to recreate an R Kelly video as part of his proposal.  We get to do such unique and fun things!!

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Are there any notable stories that have happened during a proposal planning?

A lot of funny moments that the client never sees.  Such as chasing away pigeons from romantic dinners on the beach, catching flying objects when a huge gust of wind comes by, etc.

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What is the most rewarding part of working at The Heart Bandits?

Being able to make a difference in people’s lives!  I worked in the corporate year for many years and never had anyone say that I made their partner’s dreams come true.

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Do you have any advice for grooms about to propose?

Make it personal.  It isn’t only about how much you spend, how grand the proposal is, how many people watch it, etc.  It is about that moment when your partner looks at the proposal you created and she thinks, “He gets me, he knows me, this was made for ME!”

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In your opinion how significant is it to capture moments like wedding proposals?

VERY!  I started my entire business because I was so sad that my now husband didn’t get a photographer or videographer  to capture my proposal.  Social media is a part of everyday life now and what is an update post without a photo?   Plus, it is a moment that you tell your kids and your grandkids about, why not have a photo or video of it!

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A huge thank you to The Heart Bandits for letting us interview them about their awesome service! Check out their website for more information and don’t forget to book Reverent Wedding Films to film your proposal!

All photos courtesy of The Heart Bandits.


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