Weddings come with a huge price tag. Between wedding essentials and wedding luxuries, the modern bride will try to DIY anything she can! Here are our top DIY wedding favors your guests (and your wallet) will love!


We love the popular Pinterest “Mint-to-be” Pun gift that has popped up all over the internet recently! This inexpensive idea is a great way to add a little humor to your wedding gifts and get guests in the fun wedding mood!

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Succulents have risen in popularity over the past year, becoming the go-to wedding favor and table markers of the Pinterest world— and we love it! I recently went to a wedding where the guest favors and table markers were succulents and they were so adorable!

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Hangover Kits

These are a great way to add a little humor into your wedding favors! We love the little bundles of Aspirin and mini-water bottles as a quick DIY favor for your guests. You can include a snack or two if your budget allows it — and most of these items can be bought in bulk for extra savings!

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Custom name coasters are more time consuming than some of the other items on this list, but are so thoughtful! With each guest getting their own coaster, these can double as cute and custom seating cards. Ideal for the bride with a small to medium guest list, this is a perfect way to make your guests feel like they are a part of your special day!

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Confetti Bags

Confetti favors are creative ways to get your guests involved in your wedding exit. You can use these as table markers and make an announcement or print out a custom tag with instructions on when to use them.

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Dancing Shoes

We love this idea! This is a relatively inexpensive way to give your guests a wedding favor they can actually use during your wedding— and after! Having a themed wedding? Use this favor as an opportunity to match the dancing shoes to your theme!

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Midnight Snack

Midnight snack packages are the perfect way to give your guests a little pick-up after they’ve been dancing for hours! You can customize your snack box with whatever your guests like and even match the box to your wedding theme!

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Charity Donations

A newer idea we absolutely love, couples are switching out the traditional wedding favors for charity donations instead! The couple chooses the charity of their choice and donates the money they would spend on wedding favors to a charity instead.

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Mix CD

Have a song you and your partner love? A song that reminds you both of your first date or when you first met? Share them with your wedding guests! A wedding CD is a cute way to get your guests involved in your love story.

Have any ideas you’ve tried for your wedding? Tweet them to us @revweddingfilms!


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