Our wedding film of the week goes to the incredibly sweet Lindsay and Justin! These two lovebirds are so perfect for each other and show continual love in all they do! Check out their story and their film below!

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Here is their story from Justin’s point of view!

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“Our journey began many years ago at Block House Creek Elementary where we sat together as 5-year-olds in Mrs. Richter’s kindergarten class. Although I, Justin, was re-zoned for the rest of elementary school, we reconnected again at Wiley Middle School as 6th graders.”

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“It was here that our friendship took hold and grew into something beautiful. We created many memories cheering each other on in sports, serving as FCA leaders together, and just hanging out with all of our friends. We truly became best friends.”

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“After 8th grade, Lindsay moved to Kingwood and attended Kingwood Park High School from freshman to junior year. Despite the distance, our friendship remained. We spoke often and made it a point to see each other any time one of us was in the other’s city. We each grew individually in high school and made some good memories while we were apart, but thankfully God had bigger plans for our relationship.”

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“During the summer before senior year of high school, Lindsay made the decision to move back to the Leander area and spend her last year at Rouse High school – which I was very happy with! During her first few months back, we spent a lot of time together and began growing even closer to one another. After finally gaining the courage to ask her out, we began “officially” dating on November 10, 2012.”

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“We graduated high school together and when it was time to leave for college, we found ourselves in different cities again – Lindsay in Dallas playing volleyball and myself in College Station at Texas A&M. Throughout the four years of college, our relationship continued to mature. After these long four years apart, we will get to be in the same city again… this time for good.”

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“We are happy to say that we will be continuing our lives together in The Woodlands, TX and are so excited to see what God has in store for us in this next stage of life as a family.”

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Watch this sweet couple’s full film below!


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